Content Marketing Writing Tips

Content Marketing

Content marketing is effectively what helps businesses to acquire more enquiries and leads. Adding fresh content to your website on a regular basis, is one of the foundations of getting Google to love your website.

Content Marketing

Long gone are the days of writing 400 words for a blog post, or for a page on your site. The internet used to be covered in low quality, duplicate content that offered no value whatsoever to the reader, but was purely there to create backlinks – this isn’t enough. After Google’s recent update its now placing more emphasis than ever on rewarding websites with high quality content, and you might be surprised to hear that the websites that have been getting the most out of this, are websites with at least 2000 words written for their content.

Your content now needs to be as much as 2000 words, if not more. You should be including images, infographics, and even video to help engage with your audience. No one wants to read 2000 words of pure solid text.

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to writing your content is research. Research is a vital component as it helps you to back up what you’re saying with legitimate sources, while also getting valuable backlinks from these authority websites. If you research your posts properly, readers will also more likely come back to you, as they will see you as a trusted source of information for that industry.

One of the most fun parts about creating your own content, is finding your own voice. Make your content unique and like no other out there, develop a sense of style with your writing that people will begin to recognise.

In this post, we’ll be helping you to determine what you should be writing when it comes to your content.

1. Use video

It doesn’t even have to be your own video, it can be a video embedded from YouTube on a topic that is related to your business. But the power of video in content is proven to be effective in engaging with an audience.

“70 percent of marketers are now using videos in their marketing strategies. Another 82 percent of marketers indicate that video content marketing has proven to be successful.” Demand Metric

Content Marketing

2. Visual content

Visual content is a sure fire way to grab peoples attention and keep them there. A fine example of this, is infographics, they are simple and straight to the point. They can explain in a visual way facts and statistics without boring your audience with pie charts!

Content Marketing

Use images too, they can help to break up the text, and are a lot easier on the eyes. Don’t be shy, make the images big and prominent within your text,.


3. Lighten Up

Depending on your business and it’s nature of course, try to not be too serious. If you’re writing content on a regular basis and are starting to build up an audience of regular readers, you want to keep them there, by lightening the mood and throwing in a bit of humour here and there, will keep them smiling, and keep them interested,

4. Think

There are most likely many other businesses out there doing what your doing, so you need to stand out from the crowd. When writing your content, use engaging and thought provoking headlines to interest readers.

5. Know your audience

Your audience could either be customers that are specifically looking for your kind of business, or customers that perhaps have come across your business, but have not known that they’ve needed your services until they’ve realised you have created a solution to one of their problems. Create jargon free content, that’s easy to understand and follow, and content that they can act on right away.

6. Get visitors to take action

If you’re writing content, you want to write it for a specific purpose, to gain readers, but also to get them to buy your product or service too. Give them something that will prompt them to take the next steps of action. Words like members only, or exclusive offers, can intrigue people into finding out more.

Content Marketing

Even sometimes basic call to actions like these can work wonders. A simple newsletter sign up at the bottom of every page can encourage readers to sign up, and you’ll then be able to capture their email address for future offers you may have. This is a fantastic way of building up your mail list, and keeping these readers in your sales funnel.

7. Ensure your content can be easily read.

Its a known fact that with long pieces of text people will often skim read. Because of this, you want to make sure your main points are highlighted or stand out in some way. Short paragraphs, sub headings and bullet points can all grab peoples attention, so ensure you play around with these different formats within your content.

8. Don’t copy

Never copy content from a competitor, it’s fair to say that using quotes from other sources is a great idea, as you can use a link to their site, and it validates your point by referencing it.

9. Blog topics

You’ll find many people like posts on guides and how to information as it’s easy to digest and often offers valuable tips in a clear and conce way. Usog titles such as these can often work better than using long and complex sentences that may bore your readers from the get go.

Content Marketing



10. Don’t go off topic

It’s very easy to go off on a tangent when you’re in the writing zone, but it’s important to always stick to one point, and one point only so you don’t confuse your readers.

12. Make your first sentence engaging

If you’re first sentence of your post or page is boring, or doesn’t engage any interest with the reader, then they’ll go elsewhere. Your first sentence is perhaps just as important as your title, so make it stand out. In this sense you want to create something that’s going to read somewhere. Give them the start of a story, or an unknown fact, this will grab their attention, and will more than likely see them read on further into your content.

13. Conclusion

Your closing sentence is often just as important as your opening. Make sure you summarise what you have discussed, and how it can benefit them

14. Proof read and edit

I can’t stress this enough, there’s nothing worse than seeing poorly written content, that could have in fact been something great. ensure your grammar and punctuation is correct, is it easy to follow and easy to read?

We hope you’ve found these tips somewhat helpful. Lookout for more guides on writing content from us very soon, to help you get the most from your website.

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