A Guide on Your Local SEO Content Strategy

You may think that writing content for your website is a simple and easy task, but the fact is, there is so much more to writing your content. Content isn’t just about the blog posts that you write, is everything surrounding that too. It’s how you distribute that content too, that’s important. When you’re a…

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Content Marketing Writing Tips

Content Marketing

Content marketing is effectively what helps businesses to acquire more enquiries and leads. Adding fresh content to your website on a regular basis, is one of the foundations of getting Google to love your website. Long gone are the days of writing 400 words for a blog post, or for a page on your site.…

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A Beginners Guide on Creating Your Homepage


How much is enough content? What kind of information should I be providing? These are all concerns for many people who are just starting out with their online business, or writing content for their website for the first time. Your homepage is the first thing visitors see when they visit your homepage, it’s a deciding…

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