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From: Steve Bruckshaw, SEO Expert and Founder of

If you accept this proposal, it will cost you exactly £39.50+ VAT per month with an initial £395 + VAT Setup fee.

That’s the “bad news”.

The Good News Is… In exchange for this very small investment, I am going to give you the greatest gift I could ever give a small business owner like yourself.

It’s access to my online marketing tips…a fantastic series of strategies to spark growth in any online business.

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I’ll tell you why later on, but first, I have a question for you…

Are You Just Playing The Guessing Game? “Improvising?”

Practicing “it'll do” marketing?

Or do you have a clear marketing plan to grow your business?

If you are “guessing,” and not really putting all your efforts into your local SEO and marketing strategy, don’t feel bad…you’re not alone. For the better part of my career, that’s what I did, too.

And for a while, it worked.

In the early days, when my business was smaller and simpler, “playing the guessing game” got the job done. But as my business expanded and moved into more and more markets, “winging it” just didn’t cut it anymore.

So I Did Something About It… I got my fantastic team to put every aspect of the job into a series of handy videos, so it was much easier to digest, and much easier to implement effectively.

Every aspect of marketing, promoting and growing our business was documented in step-by-step detail for all the company to see.

We had simplified all aspects of marketing and business growth!

And grow, we did…

Here’s my disclaimer:  I obviously can’t promise that you will get these results.  Your results will vary due to a multitude of factors.

We have used our techniques for a number of businesses, just like yours, in markets such as:

Finance Industrial supplies Tradesmen Do-it-yourself/home improvement …plus a few more I can’t mention publicly.

The systems we put in place not only allowed us to grow and scale, they also dramatically increased our efficiencies and margins.

Until very recently, these videos and strategies were mine and mine alone.

They were exclusive to us, and our business, and unless you were a part of the team or business, nobody else had access to these amazing digital marketing secrets

But recently we made a bold move at

We decided to take literally ALL our tactics and strategies…


…and make them available to other business owners.

And by joining today, you can have immediate access to all these strategies, techniques and videos

But that’s not all…

Not only will you get the latest and greatest ideas, you’ll also have a chance to ask questions to me, my team, or anyone else who decided to drop by that week.

As a Get Ranking Locally member, you'll also gain exclusive access to our support group, where you can ask questions, whether it's about SEO or any aspect of marketing, and get the help and advice you need 24/7.

This is your opportunity to ask my team of experts anything… literally, ANYTHING!

So you get it all…

and the best part? We're throwing in a professionally designed website completely FREE!

This will enable you to work through the videos, and implement the strategies on this fantastic new website, and get it to page one by the time you've finished the course.

What if I've already got a website?

That's fine too! But many experts say that actually having more than one website puts you at a massive advantage in generating more leads and more sales.

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Get your completely FREE mobile friendly wordpress site with this course. Normally priced at £795 +VAT

So you're getting...

All our videos, techniques and strategies…literally every technique we use to run our businesses…) 24/7 Access To Our Get Ranking Locally Group (so you can get help and support whenever and wherever) AND FINALLY...a FREE WordPress website professionally designed and mobile ready when you sign up today.

You Get It ALL – For A Full 30 Days – For Just £39.50+ VAT*  That’s right…

Your investment today is just £395 + VAT and then a monthly investment of£39.50+ VAT*

I May Be Crazy…But I’m Not Stupid It may come as a surprise, but I do have a sneaky, ulterior motive for making this offer.

As you have probably already guessed, I’m not getting rich giving away my best stuff for less than £40.

My sincere hope is you’ll love what you see and choose to stay.

If you do, GREAT!

If not, that’s ok, too.

Just cancel before the 30 days are up, and you’ll receive a full refund.

But if you do love it (and I think you will), you’ll automatically be renewed at our fantastic member rate of just £39.50+ VAT a month.

A small sum…

…especially when compared to what you’ll make when you implement just one of the techniques, or what you’ll save by getting a direct, specific answer to that one big question that’s been plaguing you.

So click the Add to Cart button below, and let’s get started…

        *An initial payment of £395+ VAT is required for the first month, and then you'll pay just £39.50+VAT per month after.